A few of our President Carla’s thoughts on the Women’s March

My Thoughts on the #WomensMarch , by Carla D’Addesi, January 21, 2018
You don’t represent me. You don’t represent my daughters, my friends, and most of my community.
Reviewing and reflecting on yesterday’s “March for Women,” I have to ask myself why this happened. The majority of the protestors’ messages were of hatred toward men, especially older, white men and hatred of President Trump. Signs with vulgar and hateful messages abound. Some signs were hand-made but many were mass produced suspiciously reeking of financial backing by powerful groups. Photos of the crowds in various cities were often recycled photos from the 2017 protests the day after President Trump’s inauguration, not accurate depictions of yesterday’s smaller crowds. How many of you were paid protestors?
Donald Trump was elected because Americans were sick and tired of your whining. Don’t you see that the more you engage in vulgar language and vile behavior at protests the more you ensure a victory for Republicans in 2018 & 2020? We are not offended by your name calling, we are strengthened. While you are busy trying to “correct” peoples’ attitudes we are busy creating jobs. While you were busy dictating that we have “gender-neutral toilets” in schools and public places we are busy educating our youth on real issues like learning Civics, The Electoral College, American History and World History and Religions. While you are busy touting government as something that should provide handouts and entitlements we are busy governing by and for the people as outlined in the Constitution. Have you ever actually read the Constitution and its amendments?
Even as you try to indoctrinate our children in public schools nationwide, we are teaching our children that they have power and a voice and they will easily out debate you no matter how much noise you make on social media. Yes, a woman’s place is in the House & the Senate. Don’t underestimate the young women that were in the library yesterday, not on the streets or in their “safe spaces.” These studious women will be those elected in the future. They will outsmart the name callers and attention grabbers. Each time you mock Christianity and the Bible but cry foul when we counter with atrocities of Sharia law and the Koran, you strengthen us.
Trump happened because of YOU!
We celebrate women. ALL WOMEN. We especially celebrate the women who have risen to historic leadership positions due to President Trump and his Administration; Nikki Haley, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Kelly Anne Conway, Hope Hicks, and many more.
President Trump has named more women to senior positions and cabinet posts than any other President in history. The difference is that Trump is hiring women when they are the best people for the job – not just because they are women. We are rising. Rising academically, rising intellectually, rising confidently, we are raising daughters who will shine brighter and smarter than all of you who insist on representing us.
We women are marching, too. Marching straight to the polls! See you in November!

Serving Berks Women,

Carla D’Addesi

Berks Republican Women President

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